Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sometime's you just need to know someone who knows someone

"Since they didn't seem to know who she was at the SoHo house, she figured she could be Annabelle Bronstein.
The next day, Samantha tested the waters with her fake ID" ~ Carrie Bradshaw

Sometimes, you need to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to get a few events…and sometimes you just need to know the right people.

My friend Mike had asked me if I wanted to join him for a Hospitality Trade Show Event, a show dedicated towards concierge staff, with all the food and amenities one could imaging in a cruise terminal. Mike was a former hotel employee, working in sales, so he had an in for all these types of events. I, myself work in the meeting/tourism industry…well I work in IT for a company that is in the meeting/tourism industry, so that was a good as in, plus Mike added my name the list...which also helped.

After trudging through the soaking rain to the Black Falcon Terminal, we walked up the stairs to bright lights, the aroma of delicious food and dozens of company booths waiting to give out free goodies. After we checked in, got our bags to fill with treats, we were on our way. We had gone up and down every aisle and sampled every dish, drink and snag every goodie we could grab.

A few of my favorites to note:
·        Getting my picture take on the front of a few magazine by Fun Enterprise

·         Sampling steak from Del Frisco’s…yum!

·        Free shot glass & business card holder from Blue Man Group…shot glass was awesome!

·        Samples of beer from just about every Brewery in the Boston area

·        Cheesecake!!...from whom else… The Cheesecake Factory

The night was going great, minus my bag getting way to heavy from all the free goodies that was making my shoulder hurt. The only downside to the night was trying to explain to the vendors of what it was that I actually did…and how I wasn't in the concierge & customer service industry. At first, I would explain that I worked at the Convention Center…it’s hospitality, it worked great; soon, I just decided to tell some people that I worked in concierge in about every hotel that popped in my head that very second. Luckily, no one seemed to notice that I “worked” in about 8 different hotels around the city.

With the event coming to an end, there was one last thing to do: go to the after party. We were shuttled over (out of the rain!), to Legal Harborside’s 3rd floor lounge & patio, to enjoy our own private party, complete with open bar, catered food, and a very intersecting bathroom section, (I had to note that one, it was very different). 

By nights end, I had sampled amazing food, had fabulous drinks, a swag bag overstuffed with lots of goodies and another great evening to add to the many of great evenings in the city of Boston.

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