Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mixing up my Monday Nights

"When life gets this confusing, sometimes there's only one thing to do, attend a fabulous party."~ Carrie Bradshaw

One of the great things about Boston is that the neighborhoods are always changing and something news is happening everyday. That can be said about Downtown Crossing. Some of my earliest memories of the area are going to see ‘The Enchanted Village’ at Jordan Marsh during the Christmas season as a kid and I believe it was Barnes & Noble had one of the scariest escalator rides- it was so steep, I swear I was going to fall right off. I also remember it not being one of nicest looking areas around, and it seemed to go completely downhill for quite a few years after.

Cut to today and you’ll find that Downtown Crossing is completely getting a 180 degree makeover, new stores are opening, apartment buildings are breaking ground and new restaurants are popping up faster than a teenager with zits. I had read on Boston Magazine’s Twitter post that they were hosting an event call “MixItUp Mondays”, where you could go to any of the DTX’s restaurants and try one of their featured drinks and order off a specialty priced menu. This caught my eye right away being that it was very close to work and only being Mondays in February, it was too cold to travel anyplace else in the city for what would otherwise be another boring Monday night. After going to my first “MixItUp Monday” at 49 Social, I was absolutely amazed how many incredible restaurants there were in the area- I had to keep coming back.

A few weeks later Boston Magazine gave an incentive to their “MixItUp Mondays” Campaign- mention where you are having dinner on Monday via social media and get a chance to win free tickets to the final spring bash!- oh, yeah, I had to get into this event. Well, after many Mondays, a few Tuesdays and a Thursday, I got message via Twitter that I had won a pair of tickets to their Spring Bash at the Ritz Carlton, I couldn't have been more excited (ask the people at work, they thought I was going crazy!).

The night of the event I was all set to go, I had my spring dress, spring makeup and a spring in my step, a party at the Ritz Carlton, I felt like Cinderella, minus the glass shoes and the prince.

The event was held in their 2nd floor ballroom and as soon as I walked in, there was a dj playing, caterers walking around with samples of sliders, scallops wrapped in bacon, AND open bar…done! There was a TV setup with Dance Dance Revolution! for the attendees (had I been at home in my pajamas, I would've been all over that, but me dancing in public is just not pretty).  The atmosphere was great, the food absolutely delicious and the drinks, amazing!

Throughout the night, I would pass by people at different tables to mingle and stop to have some more delicious food. As I was passing by a table, a man had pulled me aside and said “come join our table!” Although I never got his full name (or sadly, I may have forgotten), he seemed to be key person to know since he was talking up a storm to just about everyone. I met a great couple at our table who owned their own moving company (Marathon Moving Company of Randolph), as well as, many other amazing people who were all affiliated one way or another with the magazine. Towards the end of the night and my 3rd drink going strong  (can’t recall if it was the Pom-Pom Martini or the Apple-Rosemary Martini, both just a wonderful as the first), I ran into Darren Young, magician extraordinaire; I maybe a total sucker for magic tricks, but Darren did an incredible job with his card magic, (I still even have the Ace of Diamonds with my name on it for proof).

By the end of the night, I had some incredible drinks, delicious food and met some amazing people. Its nights like this, that I love being in the city.  

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