Friday, May 10, 2013

How I became a Boston Wannabe

"Welcome to the age of "un-innocence." No one has breakfast at Tiffany's, and no one has affairs to remem...."oh, wait, I'm quoting 'Sex and the City' again. 

That's something I tend to do a lot-- in my own mind. In my mind I shop at the trendiest places, spend my weekends at the hottest night spots and only wear Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo shoes. In reality: I stare at these trendy stores from the outside looking in (mainly because I'm nervous to touch anything in those stores), I either never hear of the trendy places until they become yesterday's news or I simply can't find anyone willing to spend the money we don't have in exchange for a night out, and I've never even tried on a pair of any shoe fancier than Nine West or Chinese Laundry. 

My name's Janelle and I'm a Boston Wannabe. 

My fixation on becoming a successful career driven, social butterfly, 'everyone knows her name' Boston woman began as a little kid growing up on the North Shore. I spent my summers at Lynn Beach, (yes, the same Lynn Beach that gets closed down every summer for high bacteria counts), where you have a beautiful view of the city skyline and I always thought to myself- "I want to be there". When my dad would take me into the city for a day trip, I absolutely loved going on the Blue Line (again, I was a kid before I had adult views of the T), getting off at Government Center and walking around Faneuil Hall and seeing the penguins at the New England Aquarium. Sometimes we would take the screeching Green Line a few stops to Park Street and walk over to Downtown Crossing, where even today, I can still smell the amazing scent of The Peanut Guy selling roasted peanuts and almonds, (I can also still smell the stench of pee, but that’s a different story). During Christmas time, I can remember going to the old Jordan Marsh to see the Enchanted Village, a Christmas tradition. I think one of my favorite memories of going to Boston was going to Chinatown, my dad always let me get a silk pajama set from there, and I had so many colors I could make a rainbow twice over. But most of all, I would walk around, looking up at the buildings, wondering where people were going in such a hurry and how I can belong here and have the city as my backyard. 

As years past, school diplomas hung on the wall and becoming a little more fixated on a show called 'Sex and the City' (although filmed in NYC, another amazing city), my love for Boston remained strong; I needed to figure out how to get myself into this city permanently. During the long and obnoxious time I didn't have a fulfilling job, I found myself walking around Lynn Beach again, staring out towards the city skyline, daydreaming of how life would be like there and even venturing into the city myself to see what I've been missing, because I knew I belonged there. For me, being in Boston would mean, shopping down Newbury Street, dining in the Back Bay & South End’s best restaurants, attending all the fabulous parties & events and being seen at the hottest night spots the city has to offer.

Well, fast-forward a little more to present time: in a six-month time span in 2010, I was able to snag a job in the city, move to Quincy and start my new life in the city. I had made it, now all I had to do was figure out how to make it to the top and become a Queen Bean of Boston So far, I haven't had much luck in that department, but I'm having a great time trying to get to the top. . I try to find fun and social events to be seen at (as long as they’re free…can’t afford the amazing swanky parities yet), I usually walk around the city in the summer and stroll down Newbury Street & Back Bay, and imaging myself having dinner and shopping in all the fine stores… however, those security guys in front of the doors tend to intimidate me and having dinner usually consists of grabbing a quick, cheap eats somewhere. I have made to a few notable places from time to time, but for the most part, I’m Janelle, the Boston Wannabe.

So that's what you'll be reading in my blog, stories of Queen Beans and Wannabes and my attempt of becoming more than just a Boston Wannabe...

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