About Me

Hey there! I'm Janelle, a now 30-something living, breathing and blogging about the city I love and was born to be in- Boston. 

I grew up in the suburbs of Boston, (so close, yet so far), and since my very first trip into the city, I knew I belonged here. Something about being in Boston makes me shine and feel like I could rule the world. 

I stared "Queen Beans and Wannabes" in May 2013 with the original intention of writing about living/working/socializing in Boston in the point of view of a 'Boston Wannabe', someone who's new in the city or finding out about the newest restaurant or boutique 6 months after it opens. Since then, my writing has changed a bit and now the blog is more focused on small business of Boston. 

Being an entrepreneurship major in college, I always had an interest and love of the small business model- small shops that people put their blood, sweat and tears into a business they absolutely love, and it's my goal to find out about these small business and let everyone know about them! 

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