Friday, May 24, 2013

Style Fixation: A Girls' Night Out

"I couldn't believe it. 15 years in New York, and when the city was getting safe, I got mugged.
- Is this for real? 
'…And your Manolo Blahniks.'
- What? No.
These guys weren't just after money anymore. They were after fashion.
Please, sir, they're my favorite pair. I got them half price at a sample sale." ~Carrie Bradshaw

With the trees & flowers starting to bloom and the sun setting over the city later, my mind could only think of two things: 1. Spring was beginning & 2. It was time for the annual Sample Sales. StyleFixx: Girls Night Out is a semi-annual event held at the Boston Center for the Arts that promotes local fashion retailers, breweries/wineries, beauty treatments, and oh, did I mention swag bag & 4 free drink samples?! I have been going to this event for the past couple of years, and although it has become rather redundant, I still enjoy going, even it is for the swag bag and free drinksJ.

I bought the tickets via Living Social; $15 got me a ticket, swag bag, and four drink tickets for the event. I invited my friend Nicole to come and join me. It was her first time at StyleFixx, so it was a good mix to be with someone who’s never been to this event before. As soon as we walked in, bright lights shining on all the booths, and music pumping from the DJ in a corner, we were greeted by a very nice host who told us exactly where to pick up our swag bags. As we walked down to pick up our bags, we started to scope out the layout of all the booths and what people were selling/offering, and deciding on where to start first.

After a quick walk around of the booths, we decided to grab a beer sample from Shipyard, so we could loosen up a bit and get ready for some shopping. Strolling through the booths, not looking for anything in particular (minus bags, bags are my weakness), Nicole and I did come across a few interesting booths; Duracell Power Mat, which showcased a mat that could charge any device wireless right on the mat, (and for a mobile geek like me, this really sparked my interest), Uber, a service that lets you grab a taxi or a private Towncar all with just the click of an app on your phone, (something  that would really come in handy, since the regular Boston Cabs are going to be the death of me), and Emma & Sana, an all-natural company that sells beauty products with Argan  Oil in them, (I snagged myself a small bottle of their Lavender scented Moroccan Oil for my hair to make it more shiny).

After walking around the event a few times, there was one area we had yet to hit: the beauty and service sample- the ones where you can a get a free massage, free brow wax, free hair demo, free manis, etc. We decided to wait until to hit those areas last due to the long lines. Nicole & I first decided to stop and see if we could get our nails done by MiniLuxe, a place I frequent once a month for a mani/pedi. The line was long, but with another free wine sample in hand, we decided to try and wait a bit. The concept was great, girls were actually getting a full manicure done, free of charge, unfortunately, sample drinks were kicking in and we were getting hungry. Before we headed out for dinner, my friend had checked to see where her name was on a list for a free brow waxing, and to her luck, she was next in line. After a few quick swipes of the hot wax, Nicole was ready for dinner, (she’s one of those girls who can get a brow wax and have weird red bumps on her face, unlike yours truly, who get red bump under her eye brows for a few days).

For dinner, we went to The Beehive, a restaurant known for their eclectic atmosphere and jazz bands. I’ve always wanted to go there for the jazz brunch, (another item on the Boston Wannabe list to try). We ordered a Beehive Honey Brew, since it seemed most fitting, had a few appetizers and listened to the jazz band play as we caught up on each other’s stories.
All in all, the night was a success; StyleFixx had another great swag bag, I took another restaurant off my list to try and to top it off, it was a gorgeous evening to walk around the city. The days are getting warmer and the nights are lasting longer, I can’t for summer and see what events lie ahead.

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