Friday, May 31, 2013

The Art Museum is a Mother...

Ah, Mothers’ Day: the one day out of the year when you tell your mother you love them…then give them some flowers, take them to a nice brunch and call it a day.  The End.

For the record, yes, I tell my mother (Mum), all the time that I love her and we try to meet up at least once a month in the city for dinner/brunch/just to catch up. So when the actual Mothers’ Day rolls around, I try to plan out something different besides the ol’ flowers and brunch, and never make Mothers’ Day on that actual day.

My mum and I met the Sunday after Mothers’ Day to celebrate; the plan was to either go to SoWa Markets or the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Royal Photos Gallery. We, or should I say the weather, decided that staying indoors at the MFA would be best. For me, the museum wasn’t my first choice, mainly because I really don’t understand art, I can’t read art, and I really don’t appreciate art like I should, but neither does my mum. However, it was technically her day, so I went along with her and enjoyed the day regardless. 

We go there as soon as it opened, which was great- no annoying tour groups coming our way. We began and went right to the Royal Portraits Gallery and within 5 minutes; we had finished viewing each photo about four times over…now what? We made our way around the museum and strolled from the Ancient Era of 4000BC China & Egypt to the Renaissance Era to the Art of the Americas all the way up to Modern Art and the Abstract Movement, (a movement I’ll never understand; to me Pollack’s work consisted  nothing more than paint droppings and squiggles).

We spent about 2 hours at the beautiful museum and after a trip to the gift shop, a beginners drawing book and 2 Boston Strong bracelets later, we both came to the realization of 2 things: 1. we still don’t understand art & 2. an actual art tour may be very helpful to having us understand art- few things to consider before our next trip to the MFA.

After all that art walking it was time for some brunch in the Back Bay. With about over a dozen choices to choose from we finally landed on Max Brenner’s, because what girl doesn’t like chocolate let alone chocolate drinks,  chocolate waffles and chocolate French toast- which is exactly what we ordered. We left with our sugar high and began to walk back to the T station, admiring all the beauty the city has to offer- the Public Garden, the waterfront, the guy harassing us to purchase “Spare Change News”… Yes, it was another successful Mother’s Day in the books, another 365 days to plan the next one!

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