Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Getting my 'OM' on at Some.Yoga.Studio

After a very long winter, stuck inside the house, binge watching on Neflix, and having laundry being my only source of a workout, I was way overdue for good stretch and mind clear. So, I was super excited when I received an invite to try out Some.Yoga.Studio located in Somerville.


Our instructor, Lisa a former 9-5 employee, made the transition to owning her own small business and doing what she loves- yoga and helping people find their inner ‘om’. Unlike the typical yoga studio (ahem, just about every studio in Boston where you barley have enough space to put your mat down, let alone do actual yoga poses), Some.Yoga.Studio is located right inside a house, which allows an intimate space of around 12 people to practice their yoga poses, allow 1 on 1 time with Lisa and even space for wall poses (if you’re brave to try those out!).

Studio ready to go

Water pyramid- you may not wan to grab one from the bottom!

I entered into Some.Yoga.Studio feeling very welcome and at home and ready to get back into my yoga poses. Yoga mats, towels and blankets were all ready laid out for us, so nothing was needed on my end. Even water was stacked in a pyramid, ready when needed. Before the start of each class, we were all introduced to each student, a nice way to get to know everyone.

The evening’s class was Vinyassa Yoga, otherwise known as continuous flow yoga, with only a few breaks in between. What I love most about yoga is that you can always do it at your own pace and take breaks when needed.

Unlike most other yoga classes where you listen and flow to chanting music and sounds of the ocean, at Lisa’s class, we were moving and grooving to the music of The Bee-Gees to Bruno Mars, the music really kept me going the extra mile, even as my body was ready for quick break.

During the middle of our yoga session, we had the opportunity to try out some wall poses. During my peak years (eons ago), I was able to do these quite easily, this time around; I hung back and let the other yogis do their thing.
Wall poses! Photo by Lisa

Wall poses! Photo by Lisa

After an hour an ten minutes of continual flow (and lots of child poses for breaks), and lots of sweat and “omg, are we done yet?!” (in a good way, of course) , it was my favorite time of the yoga practice- Savasana, or final resting pose where you lie on your mat or with a blanket and let your body cool off. Like I had mentioned before, Lisa works 1 on 1 with you, critiquing your poses and showing alternative ways for stretch you body. During this Savasana session, I was happily surprised with a foot and shoulder massage, as well as, a lavender scented eye mask, my favorite scent.
Lavender scented towels~

Feeling relaxed 
After class was over, body stretch out and feeling great, there was one more surprise for each student, a banana for potassium and a Gerbera Daisy with a little note- some yoga. some city. some kindness. pick one and pass along. #somekindness.



I’ve been to many yoga classes at many different studios, but I can hands down say, this was by far my favorite class I’ve had in a long while. The atmosphere, the intimate setting of a small class and the above and beyond extras by Lisa really make Some.Yoga.Studio a truly one of a kind studio to attend.

This summer you can catch Lisa teaching yoga every Saturday morning at Assembly Row! All you need is you mat, some water and sunscreen! What more could you ask? Did I mention the best part; it’s all free right next to the water! Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Do you have a favorite yoga studio you love to practice at?

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