Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Boston & Bale- Boston’s Best Local’s Delivered Right to Your Door

Looking around today, you notice a few trends happening, more people are opting for local, fresh food while having everything delivered from clothing you can rent and return to samples of the top makeup companies. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have both, local goods delivered right to our house? Well, now we can with Boston’s newest delivery service- Boson & Bale.

Created by Boston locals Michelle and Elise, Boston & Bale was thought up after stumbling up a hidden farmers market in Cambridge. As many small and local businesses know, getting recognized in a world of over advertising, big box stores with lower pricing, can be pretty tough, if not almost impossible. Boston & Bale carefully picks local designers and companies to be included in their delivery service, and with each month containing new products, there’s no telling what local maker you’ll discover next. Best of all, if your more interested in a certain product or perhaps aren’t a fan of chocolate (what?!), Boston & Bale packages boxes tailored to every subscriber, so you’ll be sure to love (and use) every product you receive.

If I still haven’t convinced you to try Boston & Bale, the company is also donating 10% of their monthly sales to a local charity or organization. Local products sent to you by a local company who gives back to the local community, all this adds up to you being one sustainable, local lover. And let’s be honest, what’s better than shopping and being local? If you ask me, nothing! Why else would I write this blog?!

August’s Makers

AtlanticSaltworks- Handcrafted sea salt proudly made in small batches with water harvested from the shores of historic Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Cuppow - Develops everyday products that help us live a low impact life made of recycled materials.

Extra’s By Alaina - Handmade in Boston calligraphy & paper goods for events & everydays.

Kitchen Millie - Bringing back that fresh from the oven taste at a size that's right for your body and spirit, one two-bit cookie at a time.

Middle Dune Paper Goods - Handmade paper goods - cut, bound, carved, and printed in Somerville, MA.

Monique Aimee – Illustrating and Lettering antiques from saws with classic phrases, embroidering hoops with sass, and bringing life to common items through illustration talents.

One Delightful Button - Handmade earrings, cufflinks, bookmarks -- you name it -- all from vintage buttons and fabulous fabric finds.

Pure7 Chocolates - Handcrafted raw and organic honey-sweetened chocolate, unprocessed, unrefined and free of chemicals, dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugars.
Westborough Wicks - Hand poured soy candles in recyclable vessels and all natural handmade soaps made in small batches w/solar power, recycled packaging & a curated artisan process, created in Westborough, MA.

Studdly - Friendship bracelets, leather, and studs- does it get any better?

Can't wait until your first Boston & Bale package delivery? Get a sneak peak of The Makers and thier products this August 7th, 8th and 9th Pop-Up Shop at Forge Baking Company

What are you looking forward to see in you Boston & Bale Box?  

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  1. There's something immediately dignified about this venue - rent a space for an event here as it is beautifully designed, tasteful, and understated. Went to this comfy place recently, just the right temperature, good food and great experience.