Sunday, October 4, 2015

Whittl: The Best Appointment You Ever Kept

We’ve all been there, need to call to make that mani/pedi appointment, it’s on your list, but you completely forgot until it’s too late. Or, how about that time you actually did remember to book your appointment, got a great new style and wanted to thank your stylist, except you spent your extra cash last night at the bar. Wouldn’t just be great if you could book your appointment on the run and even pay with your phone and completely skip the hassle of remembering your cash tip? Well, hassle no more because Whittl is here for your booking convenience.

 Whittl allows you to book appointments anytime with the best salons and spa businesses in Boston, pay and tip online and there are no fees added to your payment! Although Whittl is new to Boston, the opportunities are expanding past the spas and salons and right to the ophthalmology and dental exam rooms. Still need more convincing, take a look at my experience with Whittl.

I was in need of a haircut before the leaves started to change color and hit the ground, so I thought I’d give Whittl a try. The website was easy to follow and showed me a listing of companies profiles along with pricing. I decided to check out Salon Acote based on the location for my haircut and as I was booking my appointment, I was given an array of options from stylist (categorized by Levels) and an assortment of times to choose from. When it came time to checking out and pay for my service (my card didn’t get charged until after my appointment), I was given the option adding a percent tip, which for me was my favorite part, I always forget to bring cash! Whittl kept in touch with me via emails and text messaging letting me know my appointment was booked, added to my calendar so I wouldn’t forget, and texted me to remind me of my upcoming appointment.

Salon Acote

Oodles of Refreshments
Salon Acote is a contemporary 3rd floor salon located right in the heart of Newbury Street. I was seen right away and was offered an array of light refreshments and small bites. Olta took care of me and gave me just the trim I needed to get ready for the fall weather.

Cozy salon with a view!
 It was such a delight using Whittl to book and pay for may appointment; I can’t wait to use it again for my next pampering day.

What will your first appointmet be with 

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Note: I was given a discount to participate with Whittl. My opinions, whether you like them or not, are all my own.


  1. Sounds like a cool app. Is there any fee to use the app?

    I'd be interested in trying it out. :-)

    1. No fee. Whttl is free to use both onlie and on the app. Best yet, you get a $25 credit towards your first Whittl appointment!

  2. That's my favorite salon! Danielle is my stylist; she's the best. :-) I'll have to try this app out, it looks cool!