Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to Feel Great & Look Great in a Bikini!!

A few weeks ago, I attended a Blogger Event hosted by whom else… @blogandtweetbos! This time the theme of the event was about how to feel and look great in a bathing suit with the body you have…something even at the age of 29 I still need to work on! The event was held on a gorgeous night at Cerulean Blu Boutique located on Newbury & Hereford St.

Another little tid-bit about me: ever since I was a kid and even to this day, I still can’t pronounce this color correctly! I can remember being a kid coloring with my CrayolaCrayons and looking at this coloring thinking, ‘how do I pronounce the name of this color?!’ Beautiful color…just tough to pronounce! ce·ru·le·an \sə-ˈrü-lē-ən\

Any-hoo, there were a good amount of bloggers at this event, it’s always great meeting new people and learning about what type of blogs they write. The boutique was a very warm environment with no fluorescent lighting to show off any extra pale faces or unflattering flaws. The owner , Desiree, described about how she wanted to her store to have a certain look and feel, a place where every-BODY was comfortable well taken care of when it came to searching for that perfect bathing suit.

 As we gathered around while Desiree discussed her store and motto, there was a fashion show of girls of every body size/type who showed off some of her beautiful swimwear. She had a type of swimsuit for everyone- from large and small cleavage, to someone who wants to hide their middle area, and ones to flaunt areas that you’re proud to have. All the swimsuits were especially unique and gorgeous in their own way- my favorite ones were the black/white revisable (2 for the price of 1) and of course any type that would give me a little extra oomph of cleavage…or any cleavage for that matter!!

After the fashion show, we were introduced to Rachel of @Healthy_Chicks who discussed with us about body image and how you can actually love the body you have…and not the body you want. One of my favorite quotes of the night was not to compare the three “P’s”- paycheck, plate & pant size; that quote rang true to me especially when it comes to the ‘paycheck- P’. Ever since I was around 17 and go my first credit card, I’ve always been trying to keep up with the people with the better paychecks and able to afford the ‘nicer and finer’ things in life. 12 years later, I’m still paying off the credit cards and re-working my mind set on being happy with my own paycheck and all the nice wealth I have in my life. Still, sometimes I still can’t help but be a little envious to the people my age living in these fabulous apartments in the Back Bay, shopping and dining ‘Sex and the City’ style….seriously, how do they do it?! 

Always the Boston Wannabe…never a Queen Bean.

During her discussion, Rachel had us all take an index card, write our names on it, and pass it around in a circle where everyone would write something positive about each other. It was a great way not only to break the ice, but also feel great about yourself by others letting you realize what great features you have. Rachel also gave each of us an ‘inspiration card’ with a mantra saying to keep the positive energy flow going event after the event.

Lastly, we had Blush Tan from Wellesley & Westborough stop by and show us a demo of their airbrush spray tan…something I really need to get done myself, especially this summer…what happened to my tan?!  What’s unique about their service is that not only do they have airbrush sessions that can give you rapid results- 30 minutes!- but they also do “spray tan parties”, for a small fee, they’ll come to your house for girls night, bachelorette night or just a random Monday night and give you and your girlfriends a beautiful new tan.

At the end of the night, I felt a little better in my own skin, discovered a great boutique with gorgeous bathing suits that would great on every-body, (pricing is a bit steep for only being able to wear a bathing suite 2 maybe 3 months out of the year [written by the girl who get her bathing suits from Target and the super clearance Victoria’s Secret last season suits], but well worth to get this perfect fit that you’ll love). But the best part of the night- Swag Bag!!! Lots of goodies from some new funky shades to a cute little clutch to take to the beach!

Defiantly before the end of the season I’ll stop on by and snag a new swimsuit for those rare occasions I actually get the beach…and with my 50% coupon, that’s a perfect reason to come in and great excuse to hit the sand!!  


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    1. Hi Matt,

      Thanks very much for the comment! Great getting feedback from my blog readers! Yes, I'll be posting more blog updates soon! Stay Tuned!!

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