Thursday, March 10, 2016

Being Noble, with Noble Originals

After a long stretch of winter, a much too long hiatus and lots of changes floating around me, it was time to wake up and be noble.

One way to get myself back on track was start from skin deep; I needed a moisturizer for my skin that would help make it smooth and feel healthy. As we all know, winter is the worst for skin, it’s so dry and cracked, and your body yearns for deep, rich body butter. Lucky for me, Noble Originals was there to help me solve both problems.

Nobile Originals is the brainchild of Jenni (and Noble the horse where the namesake comes from), passionate about creating products that not only made from natural products that are healthy for the skin, but also keeping it environmentally friendly. Each of her products are organic and vegan and produced using only a few key ingredients including Shea Butter, lemongrass, olive oil and sea salts, just to name a few.

I tested for a week two of Noble Originals’ products including Tea Tree Body Butter and Vanilla Lip Balm. I picked a good week to try them as the weather went from balmy to down right cold in one week- a perfect way to test their products on my skin.

Upon opening the Tea Tree Body Butter I noticed a strong scent of aromatherapy and oils (a bit strong in the beginning, but more relaxing as I lathered it on) and a very light and fluffy texture. I was a bit skeptical as there are a lot of oil products in the Body Butter; I thought it would be more like putting sunscreen on, very oily and greasy feeling. However, I was surprisingly corrected as I tried on the Body Butter and found it to be refreshing and not greasy at all. Within minutes, my skin felt softer and more nourished and I felt confident I would have the same feeling all day. I used only a small amount for my arms, neck and chest area, so the jar would last me quite a few months.

The Vanilla Lip Balm was next for me to test out. If you’re like me, putting on lip balm every hour on the hour, you notice that your lips get dry quickly and have you ever stop to actually think what is in the lip balm? What are we actually putting on our mouths and most likely ‘eating’, what types of chemicals are going into our bodies?  With a soft, airy scent of vanilla, my lips felt happy knowing that vanilla beans, Shea butter and other vegan and natural oils would settle nicely on my dry lips and completely moisturize them to a fine, soft texture.

By the end of the week, I could feel quite a difference when using Nobile Original’s products.  I still have a so much body butter that I’ll continue to use every morning to start my day and believe me, when it gets to a dangerously low level, I’ll be ordering a few more batches so my skin will never dry out again!

Noble Originals products are sold primarily online but if you simply can’t wait, you can find their products at a few South Shore retailers, including: Wishbones in Scituate, Pura Vida Salon in Braintree, and Hafta Havit in Pembroke.

What is your go-to vegan and organic skin care?

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Note: The products pictured were provided free of charge. All opinions, whether you like them or not, are all my own.

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