Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Local Product Review- Organic Bath Company

I think it’s safe to say that we all agree that the second half of this winter can be summed up with one word – UGH! With soon to be three weeks in a row of snow storms and extreme cold, my poor skin is taking a beating; dry, itchy, and red, I feel like a snowman with eczema!

Thankfully, there is a saving grace in the form of Organic Bath Company, a local Boston company specializing in certified natural, organic bath and beauty products. Think a day at the spa with all the sweet smelling products, having your skin exfoliated to reveal glowing and softer skin, body oil with just the right hint of fragrance, nothing too overpowering, just enough that your body will soak in the scent of lavender or mint and finishing off with the same scent of body butter that keep your skin feeling soft and smooth all day. Now, imagine that happening during your daily routine in your own bathroom. That’s the wonder of Organic Bath Company.
Goodie Basket!

I received a few goodies in the mail to try out: Stress Less Body Oil, Organic Naked Sugar Scrub and Organic Mint Sugar Scrub.

I started with the Organic Mint Sugar Scrub. Although I’m usually not fan of mint, mainly because of the overpowering scent it sometimes gives off, however, Mint Sugar Scrub had a lighter smell of mint that brought a delightful surprise to my senses. All I needed were two small scoops in the shower and right away I could feel my skin being exfoliated and all the little dry, dead skin was being replaced by smoother, softer skin.
Organic Mint Sugar Scrub

For days I may not be in the mood for a particular scent, the Organic Naked Sugar Scrub was perfect for my senses and skin, as the Naked Sugar Scrub was unscented. Both Sugar Scrubs were the travel size versions (2.6 ounces), but even if used everyday, the bottle should last about 2-3 weeks, as long as you remember to use two little scoops!
Organic Naked Sugar Scrub

After a nice scrub down and my skin feeling fresh and new, I tried out the Stress Less Body Oil and I was not disappointed. Like the Mint Sugar Scrub, the Lavender scent was not overpowering, it brought on a light and airy feel to my skin. Although it says “body oil”, it didn’t leave an oily residue, in fact, the Lavender Body Oil felt more like a moisturizer on my skin. Just a couple of pumps and my skin was covered head to toe (minus my face) with the light and moisturized body oil and with that, I was ready to start my day!
Stress Less Body Oil

Organic Body Company sells their products online, as well as, Follain in Boston and Nantucket and other parts of the country. Winter is defiantly the perfect time to give Organic Body Company’s products a try, trust me, you’re skin will thank you!

What are your local go-to products for the winter? 

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Note: I received these products complimentary; all opinions, whether you like them or not, are all my own.

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