Saturday, September 27, 2014

On the High Seas to Hingham Shipyard

One of the many great things about Boston is that you can be in a completely different world at any given time. One moment you’re in the North End eating a Maria’s Cannoli (because the Queen Beans go to Maria’s and not the other guys), the next minute, you’re having Dim Sum in Chinatown.

Boston is also great when it comes to visiting other areas of interest; for instance, taking the Cape Flyer train on the weekends to the Cape, hopping on a bus to Manchester/Essex to enjoy the beautiful beach views, or in this case- taking a ferry boat from Boston to Hingham Shipyard.

I hopped on the ferry in Rowes Wharf by the New England Aquarium which cost $17 round trip. It was a perfect day for a boat ride, only a few clouds in the sky floated along with us for the ride.

We arrived in Hingham Shipyard about 45 minutes later and I was ready to see what the Shipyard had to offer.

Originally built in the 1940’s as a World War II Shipyard to build and launch warships, Hingham Shipyard has transformed to an upscale shopping and dining on the South Shore, however, there still remnants of the old shipyard scattered around the premise.

There were a few stores to check out as I walked around the area including Petco Unleashed, Andrea Savoy Boutique Shop, and I knew that Talbot’s headquarters was local, but I didn’t know they were located right in Hingham. I bring this us because right in Hingham Shipyard is a Talbot’s Outlet! 
If shopping isn't your idea of fun, how about a round of mini golf? 

Hingham Shipyard even has a small movie theater 
After a bit of shopping, it was time to pick a place for lunch. Easier said than done since Hingham Shipyard has many choices in dining options including, Unions Fish, Zendo Asian Bistro, Stonehearth Pizza and a pair of restaurants owned by some local family named Wahlberg? If you’re a fan of reality TV, action movies, or still a lover of all things 90’s (New Kids on the Block fan for life!), then you would know I’m talking about none other than Donnie, Mark, Chef Paul, mama Alma and all the entire Wahlberg clan. The original Wahlburgers, an eat-in or takeout restaurant serves burgers, shakes and tater tots and Alma Nove is an upscale Mediterranean style cuisine with a glowingly lit fire pit outside on
the lounge creates the mood of romance by the harbor.

I decided to go to Hingham Beer Works, where I sat by the water and enjoyed an iced cold beer and a southwestern bronzed chicken sandwich topped with Cajun seasoning, avocado and bacon.

I finished up lunch just in time before the next ferry arrived and right before the rain came in. Once back on the water, I was able to reflect on the day spent at Hingham Shipyard and looking forward to my next trip.

Have you been on a ferryboat for an adventure?

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! My grandparents used to take us on the Ferry boat when we were little but I can't remember exactly where we were going! We went on the one that took cars, too.

    1. Thanks! It was a perfect day for a day trip on the ferry! I love taking boat rides to different places, so much more fun and scenic than driving on a highway!

  2. Love to travel using boats but Boats should have Sdarot TV.