Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Local Spotlight - Simons Shoes

Being an entrepreneurship major in college, I’ve always been a supporter of small companies and Mom & Pop Shops. I love the idea of people creating their own unique stores, selling their own products and keeping the economy local.

Oh, I wish these were in my size!!

There is one place in particular that I’m quite fond on, Simons Shoes, a charming shoe store right in the heart of Coolidge Corner in Brookline, (off the ‘C’ green line). Known for their Italian brand shoes and comfort sole shoes, Simons Shoes has just about every type of shoe you could be looking for from Sperry casual to Ara chic.

Simons Shoes also has an array of tights, colorful socks, and bags of your choice.

Prices can be a bit high but are well worth the investment in comfort and quality of each pair of shoes you purchase. I myself will defiantly be back to purchase a pair (or two) for the fall!

Happy travels in your new shoes!

What are your favorite types of shoes to wear?

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