Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sweat Now…Sweet Later with Boston Brunchers

Every morning when I wake up, I ask myself one question – “am I going to work hard or hardly work”? I like to think that the majority of my answers are ‘work hard’ but once in a while, ‘hardly work’ isn’t so bad, as long as you work hard the next day.

I mention this as I recap about my recent Boston Bloggers event, which totally got my attention when I saw the word “sweet” in the description. Of course, being me, I didn’t read the rest of the event description and signed right up. The rest of the event included a 3-mile hike (which I love as long as it doesn’t involve running), lunch at Sweetgreen and THEN the sweet treats at Sweet Bakery.

The entire Boston Brunchers event was held at Chestnut Hill Square, an outdoor type mall filled with high-end boutiques including the much-anticipated Wegman’s. Doing some research, I’m still not sure the best way to get to Chestnut Hill Square via T, so a Zipcar may be needed if you ever wanted to travel here.

We met at True Runner (one of only 3 locations in the nation) which was full of colorful New Balance sneakers and just about everything you would need from a run around the block to running a marathon. We were given the opportunity to try out New Balance’s new sneakers the 880’s and Tom Tom let us give their new cardio watch a try.

Once we were laced up and ready to go, we headed off for our 3-mile hike around the Newton/Brookline area. We saw some amazing house, the architecture was exquisite, included two very familiar looking gated houses (word was they belonged to a Mr. Bob Kraft and a Mr. & Mrs. Tom (and Gisele) Brady)!

Once we got back from our hike it was time for some lunch at Sweetgreen. We were given a many different salad options to choose from- I went with the kale Caesar salad with a side of gazpacho and their flavorful blueberry basil lemonade (they gave us the recipe for this amazing drink which I’ll need to try before the season ends).

After a much enjoyable lunch, it was time for the grand finally- a sampling at Sweet Cupcake! Here we feasted on different flavors of cupcakes, from Red Velvet to chocolate on chocolate to my favorite, vanilla.

We even got to sample their frosting shots- wait what?!

We defiantly worked hard for our treats today. Now tell me, do work hard or hardly work for your sweet treats?

Note: This event was provided free of charge because I dined as a part of the Boston Brunchers. All opinions, whether you like them or not, are all my own.


  1. omg that healthy food looks awesome! and I went to Sweet when I visited Boston earlier this year, yum! :)

    1. Seems like an oxymoron for 'healthy food' & 'awesome' to be in the same sentence, but it was delicious!! And Sweet had the perfectly sized cupcakes to end any meal!!

  2. Loveee those sneakers and so glad you had so much fun Janelle! I will have to try the Kale Caesar my next time at SweetGreen, great recap xo

    1. Thanks Georgina!! Yeah, the sneakers were brand new from New Balance at the time- they were extremely light and comfy compared to regular sneakers. Personally, I love kale chips, so I thought the Kale Caesar would taste great, and it didn't disappoint one bit! Yum!