Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Out to Lunch...Be Back in a Few Weeks....

They say time flies when your having fun...well, time also flies when your unemployed and job searching. 

You read it correctly, I got laid-off about a month ago, a blessing in disguise in my eyes, and this past month I've been doing a lot of thinking about what's next in life. I'm taking this time off as an opportunity to seek out what's next in my life's journey...although sometimes procrastination sets in and without warning a week goes by and thoughts of "what did I do this week" go whizzing through my head. 

Well, I think I got all my procrastination out because all I can think about is getting shit done. (That was actually a coffee mug saying from my old boss, 'Get Shit Done', I find it quite fitting). No one is going to get a job for me, no one is going to write my blog for me and no one is going to complete the lists and lists of goals I want to complete.

Well, I shouldn't say 'no one', because I'm someone,  I'm the one who's going to get this done. I can't let this time off make me go soft and watch nothing but daytime TV and eat cookies on the couch all day...although that one day did feel really good!

With all that being said, I'm finally getting one main goal completed off my list of 'shit to get done'. I recently won a blog red-design from Brielle at Three Eleven Designs and I'm just now getting around to use her talent to make 'Queen Beans and Wannabes' how I picture it. 

In a few weeks time, 'Queen Beans and Wannabes' is going to to get a complete 180 degree makeover including a new concept of what they blog is going to be about. 

What is the new concept you ask... well, you'll just need to sit tight and shiver with anitci............................pation... 


  1. Sorry to hear you got laid off.

    That's happened to me twice and it sucked.

    But the 2nd time was a blessing in disguise because I could work for Weight Watchers. I lead an "at work" meeting at the National MS Society & they became my employer years later.

    (I had a job in between.)

    1. Yeah, it stinks but I still feel it as a blessing in disguise!...change is a good thing I can't wait to see what's next. I also can't wait to see what's next for my blog...think I'm more excited about that than finding a new career...haha!!

  2. It is a bummer, but I'm glad that you feel like it is a blessing. You're a smart and knowledgeable person and you'll find something great!