Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Behind the Kitchen- Sneak Peak at Liquid Art House

Whenever I watch Sex and the City, I always think how cool it would be attend the grand opening of a restaurant or bar every single week…well a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to do just that!

This was possibly my very first Carrie-esque evening. 

For the most part, I find out about the ‘cool places to be scene’ restaurants and bars well after the cool phase and more into ‘everyone’s already been there’ phase. This time however, my eyes spotted an email from the BCAE about a new series they wanted to launch call R&D – Restaurant & Development – the concept begin soon to be opening restaurants  would come to the BCAE to have guests try out some of their dishes and go for a tour of the restaurant before they open to the public.

The first restaurant to be a part of the R&D series was the soon to open Liquid Art House - a restaurant with an eclectic mixture of food, drinks and art all under one roof.

A fairly large group of people met at the BCAE to give the new restaurant’s menu a try- I doubt anyone was disappointed.

Yuca & Chicharrones w/Pica de Gallo

Corn & Honey Dumplings
Georges Bank Scallop
Mici Skewers- Spiced Lamp w/L.A.H Puffy Pita
Coconut Rice Pudding w/Thai Basil Cake, Mango, Sesame Crunch & Passionfruit
White Chocolate Bites
After dinner and dessert, it was time to head over just a few doors down to get a sneak peak at Liquid Art House. Although it still had a few weeks to go, this place looked amazing. As soon as you walk in the door, there is a modern looking round bar and a magnificent chandelier which sets the stage for your dining experience.

Walking into Liquid Art House & Amazing Chandelier! 
Executive Chef & Owners, Layout of the Bar & Dining Areas 
"Back of the House"- Kitchen Setup
Liquid Art House will seat about 100 guests including a special “Chef’s Table” located right next to the open kitchen which allows a more intimate dining experience and where the chef will cook a special off the menu dinner that he created.

Area of the "Chef's Table- where the "food magic" happens!
I honestly can’t wait for Liquid Art House to open, with a great location right on Arlington Street, this will easily become the ‘hip place to be scene’, so mark your calendars for May 6th… or May 7th…or any time after that… it may be a bit busy that night! 

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