Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mobile Monday Boston Recap- Steady Growth of Mobile Payments

This past Mobile Monday Boston, the discussion of the night was ‘The Steady Growth of Mobile Payments’, where there was a great turnout of over 250 in attendance at the Bingham Law Firm located in the Financial District, (a place with some very nice views).

Sponsors- WinterWyman, Bingham Law & Mobiquity
Thanks to our sponsors WinterWyman and Mobiquity, there were lots of networking and snacking on some good eats and drinks before the main event began. Attendees were led into a presentation area where 10 local companies had 5 minutes each to present their products of alternative payment methods. Although each speaker had only 5 minutes to present, each one did a great job explaining their brand of product. 

The audience is ready to learn more about mobile payments!
Blue Snap- An international payment gateway dedicated to converting more shoppers to buyers worldwide. Blue Snap offers all that a basic payment gateway does but with much more including: intelligent payment routing, seamless storefront integration using simple self service iFrames or an extensive API library and mobile optimized checkout pages to alleviate shopping cart abandonment.

Speaker- Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO

Leaf - Young, rapidly growing tech company changing the standards of how brick and mortar merchants do business by not only growing using their own performance data, but also improving the way they connect with their customers. By using Leaf, merchants are able to use a custom-built Tablet called LeafPresenter for cash sales, credit card terminal and full-featured Point of Sale. LeafBusiness is a comprehensive business management tool, living in the cloud, where small businesses can build custom reports of their companies data for analyzing sales and business.

Speaker - Aron Schwartzkopf, Founder & CEO of Leaf

Level Up - With over 1 million users and over 5,000 businesses nationwide, Level Up is one of the most popular ways to pay by you phone. By downloading the free app on your phone, users simply attach their credit/debit cards within the app’s secure protector. When a business accepts Level Up, the customer simply uses the QR code on their phone and reads it against the specially designed scanner, within seconds, the customer has paid and the business actually saves money by being charged a smaller fee than they would be using a regular POS transaction device. Best of all, the more times you use Level Up at the same location, the better rewards the customer receives as a great incentive to keep coming back.

Speaker - Nick Herbold, Developer

Liberty Teller - Move over green paper with dead presidents, outta the way plastic card because here comes Bitcoins! (Editor’s Note- I still really am not sure what a Bitcoin actually is or what they do, all I know is, is that they are some sort of virtual currency). Although still in it’s very early stages, Bitcoins are slowly becoming more popular as a way of mobile payments and with Liberty Teller, the first public Bitcoin machine in the U.S., the trend will only continue to grow. Liberty Teller allows you to put in cash for Bitcoins to use make purchases online and in stores.

Speaker - Chris Yim, co-founder of Liberty Teller

Loop Pay -(Editor’s Note- I am guilty of the following: having way too many credit/debit cards, having an extra wallet just for my gift cards and I have about an extra 20 loyalty cards that I keep in my bag at all times because, you just never know). However with Loop, you can scan or swipe all your cards, including debit/credit, gift cards, loyalty cards and even ID cards right into your phone and use them just about everywhere without merchants needing to change anything in their systems. What’s more, Loop can enable valuable commercial interactions with participating card issuers and merchants by providing in-app specials, along with real time account and credit balance information, and more.

Speaker -Damien Balsan, EVP Business Development

Mobiquity - With locations around the world, Mobiquity is an innovative firm that simplifies mobile for hundreds of companies. They push the envelope of innovation to deliver the right solution to address business challenges or surface business opportunities by designing, building, deploying and managing mobile solutions that work for your business.

Speaker - Andy Nanopoulos - Director Core Technology
Our speakers of the night!
Paydient - Provides a white label mobile wallet platform that includes mobile payments, loyalty, offers, ATM cash access and related commerce services. The patented cloud-based platform enables merchants and banks to deploy their own secure mobile wallet solutions under their own brands, in their own apps.

Speaker - Mark Budreski, Vice President, National Accounts

PayPal Media Network - Formerly the Boston based-startup WHERE, PayPal Media Network assists retailers and brands to engage consumers, drive commerce and compete in the omni-channel marketplace by providing target advertising and offer products that are distributed across both mobile and online channels at scale.

Speaker -Sarah Hodkinson, Director of Marketing &Sales Strategy

Looped In/PXT Payments - Smart, safe and easy mobile payment app for use in restaurants and other local merchant that also lets you send money to your friends along with a personal message and even a photo. All for Free!Receive special deals from merchants in your 'loop' — all from the convenience of your smart phone.

Speaker - John Regan, President & CEO

ROAM - Provides a full suite of mobile POS products, solutions, tools and services to many of the leading retailers and merchant-facing organizations worldwide. ROAM is proud to be called an Ingenico company and be a part of the world’s number one payment solutions provider. Together, ROAM and Ingenico have worked with card brands, merchants, retailers, processors, financial institutions and banks in many countries around the world to successfully implement industry leading mobile commerce solutions.

Speaker - Eric Spear -SVP Engineering and Professional Services

To view the entire presentation, check out our You Tube Video!


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