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Recap of Mobile Monday Boston’s Events in 2013

Recap of Mobile Monday Boston’s Events in 2013

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun and 2013 was no exception! MobileMonday Boston had a great year hosting many events in different fields of the mobile industry, as well as, introduce up and coming companies in mobile. Without our amazing sponsors & co-hosts,  featured companies, great volunteer crew of MobileMonday Boston and of course, our remarkable attendees, this past year would not have been the success that it was, so we thank all of you!! 2014 is only going to get better with time, so we hope that you’ll join us, via a sponsor, a startup company or as an attendee, business cards in tow, ready to network- your Mondays may not be a dull as they used to be!

In case you missed any of the events last year, (myself, guilty as charged), below is a recap of all the sponsors, featured companies and startups that were apart of 2013. (Bloggers note: my apologies if I missed any companies, I promise to get everyone next year!)

Adobe – World renowned company that specializes in the creation and development of multimedia and creative software products, most famously the Adobe Creative Suite.

Apperian- An ‘all-in-the-box’ app solutions company, Apperian provides organizations with securing, managing and tracking how apps are used and stored. They offer an ‘enterprise app store’ for distributing 3rd party and custom made app which can be pushed to any devices that are attached to the store.

Ask Beatrice - Ask Beatrice is a parking ‘widget’ located on a business’ website to help motorists find parking within walking distance to the particular business and help to avoid costly parking tickets.
Athena Health- Cloud-based medical service that caters to over 43,000 medical providers on their network that can organize and review their entire electronic medical records, effectively bill services correctly that eases administrative burdens and boost collections, and with athenaCommunicator, physicians and patients are able to have an active role in managing their own healthcare and stay connected via a web portal.

Bon’App – Great nutritional app that allows you to find out what’s in you food in a language you can finally understand, (Sugar, Calories, Bad Fat, etc.). Simply put in a type of food or brand of food and Bon App will find it and let you know how healthy…or unhealthy… your meal/snack will be. You can even register though the app (free!) for even more insight on you daily food intake.

Boston Human Capital - Located in Woburn, MA, Boston Human Capital partners with businesses to help solve hiring needs by leveraging staff referrals and extensive candidate networks to find the best-fit people to strengthen your team.

Canary - Calendar app that lets you manage/edit/schedule all of your appointments and events from Google & Facebook calendars all in one convenient place. 

Cannonball Their tag lines is “Fall in love with email again” and that just might happen if you try their email organizing app. The concept is simple; the app automatically organizes your email separating important messages from coupons and spam mail. The app is great for a small business as you can easily navigate important messages from a prospective client and a coupon for $5 off your $100 order.

CoachUp – CoachUp is an app that lets you find personal coaches in your area to train and practice with on any particular sport.

Codename Cygnus An interactive game app where you are the main character by using speech recognition to cast you as a secret agent hero. Use your voice to operate the game to accomplish missions and objectives and listen as the drama unfolds as other characters react to your every decision.

CO Everywhere – Social Media App that lets you find out what’s happening in one particular area  via social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, conveniently organized on one app.

Cogniance - Full service software and design consultancy that work with venture-backed startups, corporate innovation labs and venture capital firms in the world’s technology hubs. Their services include ideation, specification; use case development, design, architecture, coding, test, deployment and data center management.

Cubbyhole – Have a lot of extra space in your home? Need a place to store your stuff for a day? This app connects people with self-storage needs with people nearby who have the extra space, (and don’t mind making a few extra dollars on the side).

CustomMadeOnline marketplace that connects buyers who want one of-a-kind creations, from furniture to jewelry, with passionate and professional designers/creators of those specific goods. 

District Hall - Located on Marina Park Drive, the heart of the Innovation District, District Hall caters to the innovation community to network and exchange design ideas. District Hall also includes meeting hall space for larger conferences, ‘pods’- smaller spaces dedicated to classrooms and seminars that can also be used for technology labs and experimental  retail & galleries.

EdTrips – Web platform that allows education organizers and teacher create and manage school/education field trips from the museum in your city to a museum in another country.

Embarcadero - Providing the industry’s broadest and deepest set of software tools for developers, DBAs, and architects, Embarcadero enables customers to work more efficiently with the industry’s major database platforms, operating systems, frameworks, and programming languages which enable customers to design, build, and run their databases and applications in the environments they choose - free from the constraints, costs, and learning curves associated with multiple platform-specific tools.

Favecast – Social app that allows users to create short videos (think Vine or Instagram) about cool places discovered and share with friends and others.

FeedHenry – “Where Cloud Meets Mobile” – FeedHenry is a responsive cloud based mobile platform that gives companies the ability to design and customize apps and deploy to any cloud management system.

Filosync - Software product that allows you to turn your Amazon Web Service account into your personal file-sync system.

Fiksu – Mobile app marketing company that works with companies in providing top marketing for their apps by strategizing and planning complete campaigns, including identifying media sources that can deliver the best return, campaign execution throughout the app marketing lifecycle with extensive feedback and reports and analyze opportunities on new marketing to help capitalize on immediate market opportunities.

good2gether - Company that uses smartphones to connect businesses that ‘do good’ to consumers who care about the causes that they both support.

HeyWire - App that provides free texting for businesses, combining SMS and Twitter, send and receive messages across smartphones, tablets and the web.

HireMobile - HireMobile is a mobile development company assisting clients to expand by developing successful apps on various mobile and web platforms. Some of HireMobile’s strengths include; development of an app/software/system/website, Social Networking, Games & complex graphics/animations & E-commerce set-up.

HubEngage - Created by the folks from Mobinett, HubEngage is a social app that allows users to ‘check in’ participating venues and use their app in the same way a loyalty card to redeem offers and earn points for every visit.

Jumptap (millennial media) -  As the leading independent audience platform in digital advertising, millennial media has focused on delivering innovation and thought leadership in mobile advertising since 2006 by emphasizing on building a mobile foundation, the deliver best-in-class solutions for each business they represent.

Marlin Mobile – Company creator of “Speedier”, a free app that allows you to measure website speeds on mobile devices, as well as, divulges in detailed information on page load speed, HTTP requests, page weight and a chart showing load time for each page element.

MIT Enterprise Forum – Volunteer driven community that inspires innovation through founder successes, educate entrepreneurs and company founders on how to form and grow promising startups, create communities build and strengthen a market sector’s ecosystem and connect entrepreneurs with the right resources of MIT.

MITX – Premier Internet business and marketing association in New England dedicated to creating opportunities between businesses and individuals to network, grow and succeed. MITX creates these opportunities through providing networking opportunities for professionals to meet and advancing the industry through well-publicized awards shows, research, and government relations.

Mobee - An app that allows users to be mystery shoppers at participating venues and are rewarded the more they shop/dine.

MobiHealthNews – Online news publisher that is the leading provider of news, commentary, online events and research for the global mobile health community. MobiHealthNews works continuously to deliver some of the best and most insightful digital health publications, which include a collection of paid content reports, including: mObesity, The Coming Medical Tablet War, Consumer Health Apps and more.

Mobile First Software- Consulting Company providing companies with mobile strategy and tools to execute strategies from mobile software development, marketing or analytical services.

Mobiquity - With locations around the world, Mobiquity is an innovative firm that simplifies mobile for hundreds of companies. They push the envelope of innovation to deliver the right solution to address business challenges or surface business opportunities by designing, building, deploying and managing mobile solutions that work for your business.

nanigans – Performance marketing platform that measures, predicts and optimizes ad spend for lifetime value across social and mobile by harnessing the power of predictive lifetime value to inform more intelligent and efficient media buying.

Neumitra – Tech Company that develops connected technology, via smart-wear (smart watch), or through a network by a tablet or phone, and helps address the effects of stress on brain health and performance.

NeuroCrunch – Although still in development, Big Hippo is the first app created by NeruoCrunch that will allow you to instantly recall and remember personal information of people you interact with by way of voice recognition technology.

Ovia Pregnancy –Whether you’re a first time mom or have multiple children, this is a great product for anyone expecting. Created by Ovuline, Ovia is a pregnancy mobile and web app that can help track your pregnancy from conception to birth. The app can give you analysis and feedback of your pregnancy, as well as, show your baby’s real-time development.

PitchPrep – Mobile app that allows you to record, share, critique and perfect your sales pitch or message.

Playrific – Mobile company that creates apps for a younger audience, as well as, work with other business partners an alternative way to using a mobile platform to create and develop apps for kids.

PreApps – Website dedicated to getting the word out on new apps to users and the marketplace prior to release.

QMedic – Developed by scientists from MIT  and step above the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” device, QMedic is  a wearable sensing bracelet that monitors physical activity, sleep, and falls in the home, and sends real-time text and mobile alerts to caregivers to identify abnormal behaviors and signs of decline.

QuadWrangle – App that allows you to connect with other alumni, which lead to better connections and organization of reunions & donations.

Quantra – A subsidiary of Taiwan-based Quantra Computer, INC, the world’s leader in the production of laptop computers, Quntra Research based in Cambridge has developed an app that allow an easier use of the creation and sharing of location based services.

RetailNet Group- Leading Global Retail Intelligence Resource Company assisting with planning tomorrow’s strategies for retailers and suppliers today.

Roomzilla – Creative software that allows a company to easily book, confirm and organize meeting space fast and efficiently.

Rue La La – Member based online shopping boutique that specializes in premier-brand private sales for a limited amount of time. Sales include everything from sought-after women’s clothing/accessories to men’s, children’s’ and home goods.

RxApps – Health app that allows you, (the patient), to track symptoms, medication, and routine changes, which then would permit car provides to make better treatment decisions. The ways RxApps works is the app would send the patient SMS text messages regarding check in’s, there the information would be sent into a cloud analytics where care providers could review the information and send the patient feedback on the results.

Salespod – An efficient web app that allows small and medium sized businesses manage field activities, coach and provide their team with relevant information on the spot, all while tracking their team’s activities in real time.

SessionM – Developed an innovative mobile loyalty and advertising platform that connects consumers with mobile content and advertising in fun and rewarding new ways.

Sharalike – An easy to use app that allows you to capture all of life great moments and effortlessly create slideshows and movies, share with one person or everyone you know and organize and store everything in one place.

Skimbox – A wicked smart app that organizes email for busy people on the go by creating one box for important email you need to view and another for all other email that can wait.

SkyHook Wireless- SkyHook Wireless, located right in the Innovation District, is the brainchild of a software-only location system based on Wi-Fi positioning, GPS & cell tower triangulation. Using the millions of Wi-Fi access points throughout populated areas, SkyHook’s technology is the fastest, most accurate and most reliable location system on the market. SkyHook’s technology not only uses GPS for outdoor locations, they can also use indoor Wayfinding, as well.

Snaptiva – An interactive personal style app that allows consumers to snap a picture of anything with a specific color, search thought millions of products and find products that match their item’s color, such as finding shoes to match a bag.

Spogo – The ultimate mobile sports app that allows sports fans to win rewards for making real-time predictions while watching their favorite teams play.

Sold. – Service app that took over the burden of selling by adding a few photos and a description, the pricing calculator determines the perfect price for the item. From there the app handles the selling, the shipping, and the payment in one convenient place.

SoundFest – A revolutionary app dubbed “RealClarity”, this app helps people who have difficulty understanding speech in noisy situations, clarifies voices and other sounds people want to hear, while filtering out distracting noise.

Tap n’ Tap - Software solutions and leading Android expertise that enables manufacturers, operators, and retailers to launch profitable mobile devices.

The Tap Lab – Creator of Tiny Tycoon, the first location-based tycoon game on the App Store that turns real life into an interactive game board consisting of everyday people and places to compete with and take over your favorite real world places.

THE MEME  - A mobile phone app that creates ‘Organic Parking’; a transaction system of exchanging information for swapping car parking spots throughout the city of Boston and surrounding areas for a fraction of the cost.
Thyme Labs – in production software company that is focused on time management tools and personal data analytics.

Timebre – A cool new app available for Apple & Android, Timbre is a free location-based service app that allows you to find concert venues in your area to discover live music and concerts.

Tocobox Inc. – Startup Company that is developing “Mailki”, an easy to use email system for children ages 6-12 that is also monitored by parental controls.

Unbound Commerce – Developing a new concept for large retailers and brands, Unbound Commerce created a new touch screen technology that bridges the gap between retailer and consumer online and offline. 

Verivo – Based in Waltham, MA, Verivo specializes in creating enterprise software which has been used to assist in the creation and development of centrally built, deployed, managed and updated mobile applications simultaneously and securely across multiple devices.

vFrame – Creating a patent pending product, ‘virtual reality frames’ connect to your smartphone and from there you can play video games in a 360° view.

WinterWyman – A leading recruitment firm headquartered in the Northeast for more than 40 years, WinterWyman has helped thousands of companies, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups – identify, attract and recruit talented professionals.

Zmags – Interactive online and digital magazine type publishing company created for companies who want to offer their customers constant brand and business experiences across all digital platforms.

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