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Planes, Trains & Automobiles!!: My Cross Country Vacation- Day 8

Day 8

The morning of the big day finally arrived and I felt a little anxious waking up. I wasn’t positively sure but I think it was a mixture of the actual wedding of my Dad, the fact we only had a few hours to explore and find Pete a ‘cowboy’ look for the wedding or if we just had a few hours of the day to get everything done…it was the first time since our vacation we could actually sleep in and relax and not be out the hotel door by 9am for our next adventure.

After breakfast in the hotel, Pete and I departed to explore a few of the stores my Dad suggested to look for some western wear for Pete and myself. We stared off at David’s Western Wear, known for their custom made boots and leather goods. Although we looked a little out of place, we told the associates that we were there to try on some new boots for a wedding we were attending that night. Being from the north east, I assumed that all boots were brown with a little stitched design on them, I was fascinated by all the colors, shapes and styles these boos came in- I was in shoe…(boot)…heaven. ‘

Some time and many boots tried on later, Pete and I decided on 2 things; 1. We definitely need a pair of custom-made boots, 2. Starting at $300 for a custom made pair; we had to wait for another trip since our vacation money was running out (I was pretty bummed since I saw a beautiful turquoise pair that would look great on my feet, but at this point, money was getting tight).

Our next stop was Boot Barn, a southwestern chain store that was home to all sorts of western wear. We searched around for clothes and boots but after seeing the boots at David’s Western Wear, that’s all I could think about.

We went back to the hotel to get ready since we were told we had to be at the
AmericanaHotel by 3 pm for pictures. As I was getting ready, I noticed a problem; the two dress choices that I brought with me were either way to short, (I wore it to my cousin’s wedding last year and it looked great, all of a sudden it was shorter than I remembered it being), and the other dress was way too big, (I probably should’ve tried it on before we left for vacation). Great. Not only was I feeling anxious about this wedding but now I had nothing to wear. I begged Pete to take me back to Boot Barn to see if I could find some sort of dress or cowgirl wear, (hey, it’s Nogales!).

With about 10 minutest to spare, I ran back into Boot Barn and went running around to see if I could find any sort of nice dress or even a ‘western’ shirt I could wear. Leaving the store empty handed, I felt even more anxious… I had jeans, black shirt and boots on. I was going to be known as the “groom’s daughter who wore jeans to a wedding”.

Relaxing outside the hotel
I really liked the giant statue!...and yes I'm wearing jeans to a wedding...
We got to the Hotel Americana just in time at 3 pm where my Dad who from afar I swear looked just like J.R. from “Dallas” greeted us. He informed us there were a few ‘technical difficulties, (the room cards were not working and guests couldn’t get into their rooms), and that we had to wait a little while longer. It was there that I learned about “Mexico Time”, where time could mean ½ hour to 3 hours later…very laid-back time.

While we waited for the room cards to be fixed and the photographer to get there, we sat between the bar having fine Mexican Tequila and beer and relaxing outside by the pool. As I was trying to relax, I felt better seeing the guys wear western cowboy boots, jeans and hats…however, I stared noticed that the women were all dressed up…and here I am in my jeans and boots…oops. The good part was, besides Pete and Steven, I was one of the youngest people there, so I highly doubt people were talking about what I was wearing (even though Steven was in a suit, ‘hey, it’s Nogales!’).

We finally began to take pictures around 4:30, just in time before the sun started to set. The photographer was one of my Dad’s VFW friends and, I have to admit, it was rather amusing to see him use a rather old style camera and not the usual digital camera you would use today. Right after pictures, it was time to walk up the hill to the VFW where the ceremony was to take place. I must say, for being a VFW, it was actually decorated quite nicely, (and it also helped a lot that the bar in the other room was showing the Red Sox game!).

Pete and I were told to sit in this ‘special table’, the main table where the bride and groom would be after the ceremony. The ceremony itself was nice, the bride wore turquoise and silver shoes and her blond hair sparkled with sparkly clips. The ceremony was quick, about 15 minutes, and for me it was bitter-sweet; as nice as it was to see my Dad really happy, something I haven’t seen in a long time, a part of me kept thinking ‘why didn’t the first marriage work out?’ I guess things always happen for a reason and sometimes not all fairy tales have happy endings. However, this was a marriage that looked like it was meant to be, and if my Dad felt as happy as he did as he looked, then I think that was all that mattered.
Pretty flowers fro the wedding

Top to bottom: Ceremony from my point of view
First Dance
Diane and her son Steven
The rest of the wedding was quite nice; we had a great turkey dinner, there was lots of catching up with my family and it was great being once again the center of attention as I was being introduced to just about everyone at the wedding and at the bar, (although I still can’t remember half the names). Steven my new ‘step-brother’, (that’s just too weird for me to say, so Diane’s son), read a speech that talked about how he first met my Dad, I had no idea how long they knew each other and how close they had become.
Top to bottom: one of my Dad's many creations
Guy was wearing a great shirt
Party time!!
As the reception was wrapping up, I wanted to make sure I remembered this night by getting a photo with my Dad, a photo that was many years in the making. As he turned around to hug me, he told me how much he loved me and that he always loved me, I think those of the words I had to hear from him because all those years of not seeing each other, all the years of the arguing and resentment I had towards him, all seemed to melt away and a new chapter in a new book could finally begin.
Top: Me and my Dad!
Bottom: Me and Pete! 
Top: Chewy & Dad!
Bottom: Me and Chewy!!

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