Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Lunch Date with Mr. David Ortiz… sort of…

A couple of weeks ago I (sort of) won viewing passes to see David “Big Papi” Ortiz at the Boston Center for Adult Education to watch him judge in a Pop Chips Cook-off. (When I say ‘sort of’, I mean the person who had actually won couldn’t make it, so I was next in line- typical Boston Wannabe).

It was during lunch hour, so I came into to the event with a hungry stomach and a camera ready to meet Mr. Ortiz. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted to a room full of Pop Chips bean bag type chairs & actual bean bag games, an enormous array of food (with Big Papi written all over it, I was starting to sense  a pattern..), and of course, David Ortiz.

As much as I wanted to meet Mr. Papi, I felt rather awkward to just walk up to him, give him a big hug and take my picture with him, (I’d make a terrible paparazzi), so I just chatted around, sampling all the flavors of Pop Chips, munching on Big Papi sausages & smoked snack sticks and waited for the main event to begin.
Once the main event began, I tried to get a good standing area, but was a little obstructed by the media cameras… not to self, next time bring a really big camera, and not a little iPhone, it’ll make you look like press. The main event consisted of why everyone was here: a cook-off of chefs who could create the best recipe made with Pop Chips; there David Ortiz, Jenny from “TV Diner” and Dan from “Urban Daddy” would judge on the best one.  Besides maybe a stack of Pop Chips to go with some salsa, I couldn’t think of how you could add those into an actual recipe, but many people found a very creative way, including cheeseburgers, soups and salads. The winner received a signed David Ortiz jersey and a year’s supply of Pop Chips… that’s a lot of chips!

At the end of the judging competition, I tried once again to get myself a picture of David Ortiz & myself… with no luck. Understandable, if I just ate all the delicious food and had a game to prepare for that same night, I’d probably want to get going myself. So, instead, I continued to mingle and hoarded a few Pop Chips to go.

Although I was a little disappointed I didn’t get my picture with David Ortiz, (that would’ve been a great profile picture!), I did meet a few people who work at the BCAE and let them know what a great job they do with all the different types of classes they off, and I was even able to walk away with an offer for 30% off my next class, pretty sweet deal! Until my next class, I’ll be on the search for a really, big camera for next time. 

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